Alumna Diletta Luminari to Begin a Master’s at Oxford University

Born in Rome, International Affairs alumna Diletta Luminari, Class of 2014, is on her way to a Master’s in Migration Studies at Oxford University. Through JCU’s Center for Career Services, Diletta had the opportunity to do internships at the Embassy of Israel to the Holy See and the Office of the Presidency of the Italian Council of Ministers.

Diletta Luminari

Diletta Luminari

What kind of high school did you go to?
I went to a Liceo Scientifico in Rome. In my fourth year of high school I studied in Arvada, Colorado, and there I graduated with an American diploma.

How was your experience in an American high school?
It was amazing, a completely different world from Italy. And it’s a different America from the one you experience as a tourist in New York or California. The best part about it was that I lived with an awesome host family and I got to travel and get to know different parts of the U.S. with them.

So is that what helped you decide to continue in an American university?
Yes, definitely. I loved the American high school system and I found amazing teachers. And the method of teaching is completely different from that of Italian high schools.

What did you like about the American system?
I found that the American educational system really stresses critical thinking and analysis. In addition, after a short time at my high school in the US, I felt like part of a community, like I belonged. I really liked the concept of school spirit and I liked dressing up in violet on Fridays to show school pride.

Were there any particular professors that inspired you at JCU?
Professor Pamela Harris is my mentor. Professor Luigi Sensi was very important too. He made me believe that I could go somewhere big like Oxford. Both professors really supported me and gave me great advice during application process.

Tell us in general how you would describe your experience at John Cabot University.
I learned that if you want to do well, you have to work really hard. It was a challenging experience but it was definitely the right choice for me.

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