Global Village's Betrayal: Mass Surveillance, Privacy and the Privatization of the Internet

Tracy Mitrano

Tracy Mitrano

On Thursday July 10th, the JCU Institute in International Communications hosted the second forum of the 2014 summer session. The Panel was composed of Tracy Mitrano from Cornell University, Pamela Harris from JCU, and Ibrahim Al Marashi from California State University.

Technology and privacy. The panel discussed topics such as how to balance international security and civil liberties in the emerging global system; privacy and its relationship to dignity and freedom; and the connection between European technology and Middle Eastern spy agencies. The inspiring speakers encouraged the audience to work together to find new and innovative ways to lead the emerging technological world into the future supporting and advocating for laws that will sufficiently protect privacy. Tracy Mitrano remarked, “Technology is neither good, nor bad” when speaking about how one should view technologies influence on the world.

Citizens involvement. The forum concluded on the note that all citizens must participate, innovate, and educate oneself in a way that balances between stopping terrorists, catching criminals, and ensuring the safety and privacy of law abiding citizens. Although the panelists spoke about the topic in-depth, they also left room for further conversation to be developed in the next upcoming forum on July 16.

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