Professor Paganini Publishes Editorial in Italian Newspaper "Corriere della Sera"

JCU Professor Pietro Paganini recently published an editorial piece in the prestigious Italian daily Corriere della Sera.

In his article, Prof. Paganini addresses how “smart living” presents an incredible opportunity for companies, as well as for our personal living spaces, while nonetheless raising a number of legal and moral issues. He illustrates this example of the self-stocking refrigerator, which automatically orders groceries and calculates their calories, while also circulating this information to third parties, such as insurance companies. Paganini maintains that these technological improvements will continue to improve the quality of life while at the same time conditioning them to be formed by others, such as companies.

Read the article here (in Italian) “Il Frigorifero che Ordina la Spesa: Sfida Politica della Casa Intelligente”

Professor Paganini, a native of Milan, holds a Doctorate in Communication and Complex Organizations from LUMSA University. He is the founder of Gingerit, an interior design and renovation firm. He also co-founded Competere, a transatlantic consulting firm based in Rome.

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