JCU Graduates Emily Salm and Maryann Klucevsek Launch "Ubumm" Study Abroad App!

UbummIn Fall 2013, Emily Salm, 2010 graduate of John Cabot University, came to JCU to speak to an audience of aspiring entrepreneurs on her experiences in the launch of a new venture, Ubumm, co-founded with another 2010 JCU alumna, Maryann Klucevsek. Today, Ubumm becomes a reality that JCU’s Institute for Entrepreneurship is proud to share!

Ubumm, based in Naples, Florida, seeks to gap the bridge between study abroad students and serve as a social network tool. As Emily and Maryann say: “Study abroad travelers aren’t just any travelers. They have needs and interests that can’t simply be packaged up with the rest of the travel industry. As former study abroad students, we recognized these needs and put our heads together to bring you the first mobile app designed specifically with the study abroad student in mind.”

The Ubumm app is an easy-to-use tool that students can use to guide and enhance their study abroad experience. After creating a user profile that is unique to the student’s university and study abroad destination, students can dive right in by creating and joining events in their area with other study abroad students.

Heading to Amsterdam for the weekend? Thinking of taking the train from Rome to Milan? Interested in starting a Saturday morning football league abroad? Connecting to the Ubumm app is the first step to finding like-minded individuals that share your interests.

We are proud of our graduates, and we hope this story serves as inspiration to many more!

Check out Ubumm App introduction video.