Fall 2014 ENLUS Hosts Half the Globe in One Classroom

Fall 2014 ENLUS Students

Fall 2014 ENLUS Students

This Fall semester, the eight students in the ENLUS 2/2 class represent a large part of the globe in one room, with students from Europe, Asia, and Africa.

John Cabot University’s English Language for University Studies (ENLUS) Program is designed to raise students’ English proficiency to university level.

Libyan Essedik Dekna is thrilled to be in a classroom setting where he is obliged to speak English. Maria Bondar, who comes from Ukraine, chose this program due to her love of Italian culture and history Alua Dunayeva hails from Kazakhstan, and is always glad to share her nation’s culture and traditions. Margarita Minzateanu is from Moldovia, and is very excited to be in Rome and to meet students with international backgrounds. Mehmet Can Yazici is from Turkey, and is very keen on learning Italian in addition to English, as he is also attending an Italian course at JCU. Mahmood Mougharbel is Saudi Arabian, and is here since his father works in the Saudi Embassy in Rome. Valeria Muzzin and Ludovica Lentini are both Italian, yet from different regions: Muzzin comes from the Veneto region, while Lentini is Roman. They are both very eager to practice English with their classmates, and to engage in cultural exchanges through interesting classroom debates.

The Director of the ENLUS Program, Silvia Ammary said, “What makes teaching in the ENLUS program and this class in particular, so special is the sense of discovery that one has every day. You feel as though you are trotting the globe without moving an inch from the cosy classroom.”

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