Business Club Members Represent JCU at LUISS Enlabs’ Hi Talk

hitalkWhat is it that drives you to fulfill your dreams and follow your true passions? How much are you willing to invest in your aspirations? As young professionals about to dive into the working sea of possibilities and challenges, three JCU students attended the Hi Talks hosted by start-up accelerator LUISS Enlabs. The talks were along the lines of a Ted event, as the speakers presented themselves and the topic in a 12-minute speech.

Through the words of a surgeon, a mathematician, an engineer, an actor, a social media marketer, and a journalist, the recurring theme of following one’s passion was ever-present. By actively engaging with the audience, speakers gave a twist to their own area of expertise and provided the audience with examples, personal anecdotes, and brilliant arguments in favor of embarking on a dream-fulfilling adventure. From understanding how today’s hashtags can be identified with the Divine Comedy’s terzine system to explaining public opinion, to why social media is effective when used smartly, HiTalks proved to be interesting, engaging and smart.

LUISS Enlabs is located right above the busy tracks of Termini Station, where 200 square meters host young entrepreneurs who fill the busy cubicles with their visions and projects, turning them into companies. Browsing the cubicles at LUISS Enlabs, one can actively feel part of each team, as the glass dividers are filled with reminders, announcements, and motivation to always spring forward.

HiTalks proved to be a great opportunity to network, enjoy some wine offered by one of LUISS Enlabs’ start-up companies, and understand the perspective of successful individuals who have proven that life is a never-ending learning journey.