JCU Interfaith Initiative Launches Meditation Garden

JCU Meditation Garden

JCU Meditation Garden

On Tuesday, September 30, students and professors came together for 15 minutes of silence in John Cabot University’s newly opened meditation garden. Some were sitting on pillows, and others were sprawled comfortably on yoga-mats on the green turf. After 15 minutes, Professor Michael Driessen, a faculty advisor of the Interfaith Initiative, drew the session to a close by blowing into a plastic bottle to signify the end.

The Meditation Garden, created through a joint effort of John Cabot’s Interfaith Initiative, Grassroots, and Student Government, will provide everyone in the JCU community with an environment that will foster moments of contemplation in their busy lives. In addition, it will serve as a place where students from different religious backgrounds can pray.

The John Cabot community recognizes itself as a diverse community and accepts the needs of its members. The goal of the Garden is to be a place of individual reflection, and at the same time a catalyst for mutual tolerance and respect.

The Meditation Garden is located next to the Administrative Office in the Kushlan Wing around the corner from the Writing Center.

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