Win a Scholarship to Study Abroad at John Cabot University in Summer 2015!

As part of John Cabot University’s pledge to the Institute for International Education’s “Generation Study Abroad” initiative to increase the number of American students studying abroad, we are pleased to announce that we will be awarding four tuition scholarships for one three credit summer class from the options below during one of JCU’s summer sessions (Summer I: May 21-June 27; Summer II: July 2-August 8).

In the spirit of our two summer Institutes focusing on Creative Writing and International Communications, we ask that participants submit an original video or essay explaining which course you have chosen to study this summer at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy.

The scholarship will cover the tuition for one of the ten class options below:

  1. COM 230: Foundations of Digital Video Production (Summer I)
  2. HS 374: Hitler and Mussolini: the Fascist and National Socialist Movements and Regimes (Summer I)
  3. LAT 101: Elementary Latin (Summer I)
  4. PL 215: Italy Politics and Society (Summer I)
  5. PL 357 Italy and the Middle East (Summer I)
  6. PL 360: The Political Economy of Globalization (Summer I)
  7. SOSC/ITS 226: Rome: Modern City (On-Site) (Summer I & II)
  8. AH 376: Michelangelo (Summer I)
  9. BUS 301: Business Ethics (Summer I & II)
  10. CMS 331: Media in the Mediterranean (Summer II)

The scholarship committee will award the four summer scholarships based upon the criteria of intellectual curiosity, creativity, thoughtfulness, and originality of the video or essay.

Read the official rules and submit your entry by February 15.

Make this the best summer of your life: enter today!