The Creative Writing Institute Welcomes Author Annamaria Alfieri

On February 10, the JCU Institute for Creative Writing and Literary Translation hosted a book presentation by author Annamaria Alfieri. Her new book, Strange Gods, is a mystery novel set in Nairobi in 1911. Alfieri is an acclaimed mystery author who lives in New York City but spends much of her time in Florence. She served as the president of the New York chapter of Mystery Writers of America for two years and is the author of Blood Tango, Invisible Country and City of Silver.

Annamaria Alfieri

Annamaria Alfieri

Professor Carlos Dews opened the event by introducing Alfieri and welcoming her to John Cabot. Alfieri then took the stage and read the first and part of the second chapters of Strange Gods. She concluded the reading after the body of the female protagonist’s uncle is found dead. She explained that the discovery of the body is the most important moment in all of her mysteries.

She went on to discuss some of the main themes of her newest book, including the imposition of British culture on the native people of Nairobi. She emphasized the importance of the relationship between the two protagonists, Tolliver and Veera, who struggle to overcome class differences throughout the book. She also explained that as a world traveler, she frequently sets her novels in exotic locations like South Africa and Buenos Aires.

The reading was followed by several questions from Professor Dews about Alfieri’s writing style. The floor was then opened to the audience, who posed questions about inspiration, plot development, and voice.

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