Students Design International Marketing Strategy for Pedius

pediusPedius is a start-up social business that sells a communication system that enables the deaf and hard-of-hearing to make phone calls using speech recognition and synthesis technologies. Pedius is currently established in Italy and plans its international expansion in the US and France. The class of Strategic Marketing Management was assigned the task of designing the international marketing strategy Pedius’ US launch.

On Tuesday, March 3, students presented their research to Pedius representatives. The presentation covered all aspects of a standard marketing plan, including pros and cons of entering the US market, possible distribution channels and even a feasible entry price. Additionally, since one of the students was a Native American, representatives were also given a unique insight into that culture and the related customer preferences.

A lively discussion followed. Students were excited to learn that many of their suggestions had hit the nail on the head, as Pedius management were incorporating them in their actual business strategy.

The experience was highly energizing, as students tested their newly acquired skills in a real life situation – not learning from a textbook or a case study, but from a “case in the making”!

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