Meet Economics and Finance Student Omar Attya

Omar Attya

Omar Attya

My name is Omar Attya, and I was born in Egypt, raised in Kuwait, and now live in Rome. I am the fourth member of my family to join John Cabot University: in 1982 my mother graduated from JCU, followed by both of my brothers who graduated in 2005 and 2007 respectively. Today both of them work for the United Nations.

During my first semester at John Cabot in Fall 2014, I was very surprised by the diversity of nationalities in the student body. I am majoring in Economics and Finance, with a minor in Communications, and being around people from all around the world has helped me get the most out of my education. Being exposed to different mentalities and points of view has greatly broadened my perspectives.

At JCU I have the privilege of making progress in my studies while enjoying Roman culture, archaeology, and beautiful weather, not to mention the vibrant Trastevere neighborhood where the campus is located. I believe studying at JCU and living in Rome is all about managing time effectively and enjoying oneself.

To help students take advantage of their time here, JCU offers numerous on-site classes where the city of Rome becomes our classroom. Furthermore, JCU frequently organizes lectures and roundtables with noteworthy scholars, thus giving students the opportunity to interact with experts in many fields.

The international and highly qualified JCU professors moreover ensure the best possible education. As the classes are small in size, students are able to discuss and express their ideas with professors in an effective way.

I am very privileged to be part of the John Cabot University community. My first semester was truly an eye-opener, and I am looking forward to my next few years at JCU.