Professor Federigo Argentieri Participates in Europe-Ukraine Forum held in Lodz, Poland

JCU Political Science Professor Federigo Argentieri was invited to participate in the eighth forum on the Europe/Ukraine situation, sponsored by the prestigious Institute for Eastern Studies. The roundtable discussion took place in Lodz, Poland and addressed the international dimensions of recent events in Ukraine.

The panel discussed how Ukraine fits into the global puzzle, comprised of lead actors Europe, Russia, and the USA. After the collapse of the USSR, Russia under Vladimir Putin repeatedly signaled its willingness to return to the global game, together with the USA, China, and Europe. China’s distancing and the internal EU problems resulted in just two actors performing on the stage built by Moscow – the USA representing the West and Russia representing the East.

The situation in Ukraine after 1991, and especially the removal of president Viktor Yanukovych, resulted in Russia’s recent actions, including military involvement. Russia’s decisions regarding Ukraine are concrete proof of Russia’s strategy to enter the game as the center of a new pole of global relations.

Forum participants

Moderator: Michal Kobosko, Director of the Atlantic Council Poland Office, Poland
Speakers: Brando Maria Benifei, Member, European Parliament, Italy
Ilya Yashin, National Bureau Member, PARNAS – People’s Freedom Party, Russia
Vadym Karasyov, Director, Institute of Global Strategies, Ukraine
Asim Mollazade, Chairman, MP, Democratic Reforms Party, Azerbaijan
Phillip Petersen, Senior Fellow, The Potomac Foundation, USA
Federigo Argentieri, Professor, John Cabot University, Italy

Professor Argentieri is also the Director of JCU’s Guarini Institute for Public Affairs. He graduated from La Sapienza and earned his Ph.D. at the University of Budapest-ELTE.

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