John Cabot University Welcomes Ambassadors and Cultural Attachés from 28 Countries

John Cabot University hosted an Ambassadors Lunch on Friday, February 27, welcoming 28 ambassadors, cultural attachés, and representatives to the Guarini campus in Rome. Distinguished guests represented the Arab Emirates, Belgium, Canada, Chile, China, Croatia, the Czech Republic, India, Honduras, Hungary, Indonesia, Iraq, India, Japan, Kosovo, Latvia, Libya, Lithuania, Norway, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Timor-Leste, Turkey, Ukraine, the United States.

President Franco Pavoncello opens the Ambassadors Lunch

President Franco Pavoncello

A celebration of educational exchange and international diplomacy, the event opened with an introduction by President Franco Pavoncello. President Pavoncello discussed the importance of educational exchange in today’s interconnected world, citing JCU’s cosmopolitan student body as a forum for international dialogue. JCU’s degree seeking student body, which represents over 60 countries, has grown significantly over the last ten years, reflecting both the desire for international education and the cultural melting pot that our Roman campus has become.

Student Government President Lynette Quezada speaks at the Ambassadors Lunch

Student Government President Lynette Quezada

Student body president Lynette Quezada welcomed the ambassadors to JCU in the four languages that define her culture: English, Spanish, Italian, and Korean. A Miami native with Cuban and Mexican parents, Lynette is an International Affairs major with plans of pursuing a career in international development. She spent a semester studying abroad in South Korea through JCU’s Going Global program, and shared how her international undergraduate experience at JCU has shaped her goals and plans for the future.

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