IFE Site Visit to Luiss EnLabs, One of the Leading Incubators in Italy



On Wednesday, March 11, the Institute for Entrepreneurship led JCU students to visit Luiss Enlabs, one of the leading incubators in Italy. Set in the historical architecture of Termini Station, this artistic commons hosts about 20 start ups that have received a first round of financing and are working on reaching the next stage in their evolution.

Tobia De Angelis, Business Analyst of the Acceleration Program, welcomed students to the facility. Characterized by an open office space, a wide conference room and various social areas, Luiss EnLabs stimulates collaboration among young entrepreneurs and acts as muse for creativity. Moreover, during the 5-month acceleration program, start ups can participate collectively to workshops and mentorship initiatives to refine the various stages of development.

When asked about the number one pitfall perspective entrepreneurs should avoid, Tobia’s answer was very straightforward. He explained that once potential customers and investors start reacting to the business idea, it is very easy to lose focus, so he suggests:

“Don’t get sidetracked, stick to your plan and execute”

Known as the Startup Factory, Luiss EnLabs’ objective is “to build incredible success from abstract ideas, things that did not even exist”. This is also possible thanks to their unique ecosystem and achievements in terms of networking. In fact, not only did they obtain the sponsorship of Deloitte and BNL, but they also collaborate with big global corporations such as IBM, Facebook and Google.

Luiss EnLabs is the proof that entrepreneurship is still a very important aspect of the Roman Culture. The center is a laboratory of innovative ideas, and meeting some of these young people ‘in action’ was a true source of inspiration for our students.

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