"Inside Out" Event: Will Technology Affect the Jobs of the Future?

The JCU Institute for Entrepreneurship, along with Consenso and Data Management, was proud to present “Inside Out: La Tecnologia Crea o Distrugge il Lavoro?” (Does Technology Create or Destroy Jobs?) on November 30 in the Aula Magna Regina. Using a Ted Talk-like format, the event hosted 14 professionals representing startups, venture capital, heavy-weight innovators, and the media.

Laura Mirabella, Managing Director of uFirst - Inside Out

Laura Mirabella, Managing Director of uFirst

While each participant contributed a unique perspective, they all highlighted the importance of the “human in the box,” starting with John Cabot Professor Daniele Pica, who stressed the importance of taking into account different cultural approaches to technology. While there are real dangers in misusing technology, including the destruction of current jobs, it also has great potential as it empowers people to be creative and bring about innovative solutions to existing problems.

Speakers also highlighted the new educational opportunities and challenges arising from changing technology, as well as the role that can be played by women, currently severely under-represented in the STEM disciplines. Salvo Mizzi, of Invitalia Ventures, also stressed the importance of the creation of a real capital market for innovators at the country level, if we are to capture the creative potential of startups. Roberto di Pietro, of Qualcomm Europe, believes that society as a whole needs to learn how to use technology effectively, as a means to innovate, facilitate daily routine, learn about other cultures and, most importantly, as a base to improve our lives.

The thrust of the evening was well summarized by Laura Mirabella, Managing Director of uFirst, who said “technology is like a wave, it is up to us to decide to either ride it or drown under it.”