Corriere della Sera Publishes Part II of Professor Argentieri's Article

On Saturday, Jan. 16, one of Italy’s main daily newspapers, Corriere della Sera, published another piece by prof. Argentieri, the Director of JCU’s Guarini Institute for Public Affairs discussing the challenges facing the successor to current Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, whose second and last term expires at the end of the year.

70 years after the first meetings of the General Assembly and the Security Council, one can say that the UN has failed in its main tasks, i.e. averting war and increasing security: on at least two occasion, it also has covered up genocide. On the other hand, it appears to be successful in the areas of certain human rights, the struggle against hunger and diseases, the defense of the environment. Moreover, the constant success of Model UN events shows that young people believe in it and support it. The overall balance is therefore complex and it is important to continue looking for appropriate solutions that would enable the UN to fulfill what is, according to the Charter, its main mission.

Read the article (in Italian): “Il successore di Ban Ki-Moon avrà un compito difficile