Italian Government Research Center Features JCU in Case Study on New Learning Spaces

The Istituto per lo Sviluppo della Formazione Professionale dei Lavoratori (ISFOL), the Italian government’s research center for professional education and the job market, has recently published a research paper (in Italian) on new learning spaces featuring John Cabot as one of its case studies. As part of the research project, the center also created a video in which professors and students provide a testimony to the benefits of innovation in education, especially with regards to initiative and entrepreneurial spirit, identified as key elements of a healthy society.

The case study focuses on an experimental initiative undertaken by Professors Paganini and Pulino, whereby students in different classes worked on the same project, from different angles. The initiative, piloted in 2014, has now evolved into Learn Do Share, a program promoted by the JCU Institute for Entrepreneurship that matches real clients and real projects with students, who work as consultants to present a professional solution to a business need.

The JCU Institute for Entrepreneurship was established to promote best practices in entrepreneurship and to assist would-be entrepreneurs in bringing down the barriers to the achievement of their goals. The primary aims of the Institute are to provide education and training in the fundamentals of best entrepreneurial practices, and to build a strong international network of entrepreneurially-minded friends of the JCU community.