JCU Institute of Entrepreneurship Welcomes CEO "Fairbooks"

On Monday September 19, 2016 Professor Daniele Pica’s BUS/CMS 361 class and the Institute of Entrepreneurship welcomed Diego Banovaz, a young entrepreneur from Trieste, Italy. Banovaz is the CEO of the startup Fairbooks, an authorized and free platform entirely dedicated to FanFiction. Fairbooks was created out of Banovaz’s passion for coding and storytelling.

Fairbooks is the first self-publishing platform for the FanFiction world. It is the only fanfiction site authorized by best-selling novelists such as J. K. Rowling, and E. L. James as well as Simon Rowd and Leonardo Patrignani. Fairbooks is available on desktop, tablet and mobile via a free app.

Fairbooks currently only publishes works in Italian, but Banovaz intends to expand it to the Spanish and English speaking markets in the near future.