JCU Screens Films And Videos By Marco G. Ferrari

On September 8, 2016 the Department of Communications and the Department of Art History welcomed Marco G. Ferrari and screened a series of his films and videos. His works combine documentary style and narrative style, in order to emphasize the importance of the landscape.

The Italian-American interdisciplinary artist is based in Chicago and grew up surrounded by art: his mother was a photographer and his father a sculptor. Through his father’s works he grew an interest in the landscape and the experience of it. Ferrari’s unique perspective on projected images began to form while he was part of a rock band and he would project images on a screen.

Each and every work of his can be witnessed as an experiment in which Ferrari pushes conventions and tries to go beyond the image itself. Extreme zoom ins, fragmentations, and split screen are only a few examples of the various techniques the artist uses in his work.

According to Ferrari one must grab an inventory of ideas or feelings and keep those in mind when editing, because it is what makes the experience inspiring and worth filming.