Alumnus Cristian Tracci Accepted to Columbia University

Cristian Tracci comes from a small town near Milan, in Northern Italy. He just graduated in International Affairs with a minor in Philosophy. During his time at John Cabot, he was President of the Model UN Society, founded the Think! Club, and worked as intern at the Guarini Institute for Public Affairs this past semester. Cristian has been accepted to Columbia University for a Master’s program starting January 2017.

Crsitian Tracci

Cristian Tracci

Congratulations on your acceptance to Columbia! What attracted you to this specific program?
Thank you very much! It is a dream come true. In less than a month I will start a two-year Master’s in International Affairs at the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) at Columbia University. Specifically, I will be focusing on Humanitarian Policy and UN studies, two areas that I studied in-depth during the past year.

What did the application process entail?
All Master’s applications are quite long and complex – starting very early is always a good idea. Besides the GRE (Graduate Record Examination), I had to provide a resume letters of recommendations, two motivational essays with different focuses and a policy essay. For the first time SIPA introduced an online video:. I was given a prompt about a leadership role in a past working experience, then I had one minute to think about it and one minute to answer – a real challenge!

Cristian Tracci

Alumnus Cristian Tracci

What is your career goal?
I would like to analyze the international dynamics concerning humanitarian crises and ongoing conflicts. I love studying political scenarios and trying to understand unclear situations. I strongly believe we cannot address the world’s complexity without a substantive knowledge of it, based both on theoretical models and practical experiences. At the same time though, I am very pragmatic. I believe SIPA will give me the opportunity to further improve my knowledge of policy making.

Why did you decide to apply to John Cabot?
By the end of high school, I was looking for a place that could give me many opportunities. I wanted a college that opened up different paths and gave me the means to be able to choose which one suited me. Thus, John Cabot for me was an opportunity to move to Rome and attend an American University with a very international student body, and it expanded my horizons in ways unthinkable until I arrived here

Tell us about your study abroad experience while at JCU
I studied abroad in Tokyo, Japan, in Spring 2015. That semester taught me the real meaning of diversity, which can be experienced in every situation, from a grocery store to the most complicated thought system. Quoting my dad, “observing other people’s mindsets and lives and seeking real life behind the stereotypes are experiences more meaningful than any internship.” Through my studies in Japan, I attempted to understand and appreciate a culture that was totally unknown to me, for example by taking courses like “East Asian Culture: Japan” or “Eastern Asian Philosophies.”

Any advice for a new student starting out at JCU?
Take advantage of all the opportunities that JCU offers, from lectures to clubs. The people sitting next to you will always have incredible and interesting experiences that you can learn from. Be part of this constantly evolving and growing community, by living in this unique place in the world.