Alumna Marianna Occhiuto Speaks at Women's March

Alumna Marianna Occhiuto

Alumna Marianna Occhiuto

On Saturday, January 21 John Cabot University Alumna Marianna Occhiuto (class of 2012) participated as speaker in the Women’s March in Rome, a rally against intolerance and injustice that took place at the Pantheon. Inspired by the Women’s March  in Washington, D.C, over 600 communities from all over the world organized women’s marches on Saturday.

Occhiuto graduated with a BA in International Affairs and earned a Master’s in Management of Social, Non-Profit, and Cooperative Organizations from Bocconi University. She is currently Head of Communication and Fundraising at Casa Scalabrini 634, a non profit organization whose mission is to promote the culture of welcoming and integration among refugees and migrants and the local community.

Marianna Occhiuto Speaks at the Women's March

Marianna Occhiuto Speaks at the Women’s March

“I was honored to attend the Women’s March in Rome as a speaker,” says Occhiuto. “As a famous quote says, ‘Nobody can do everything but everyone can do something.’ I strongly believe that everyone has the power to make a positive impact on society starting from our local community, starting from ourselves. During the Women’s March, I not only presented Casa Scalabrini 634’s work, but also those elements that I believe to be fundamental in everyday life. We need a cause to believe in, we need commitment but also compassion. Finally, we need cooperation so that we can build a strong, responsible community that takes care of everyone, including minorities and vulnerable groups.”