Alumnus Leonardo Quattrucci Participates in World Economic Forum

Leonardo Quattrucci, John Cabot University Class of 2013, is the only young Italian participating in the World Economic Forum in Davos-Klosters from January 17-20, 2017. Quattrucci is invited as the Curator (leader) of the Brussels Hub for the Global Shapers: an initiative of the World Economic Forum that gathers people under 30 whose aim is to give a voice to the 50% of the population that is under-represented in global decision-making. Quattrucci will also be joined by more than 200 millennials, social entrepreneurs and young leaders under the age of 40.

Leonardo Quattrucci

Leonardo Quattrucci at the World Economic Forum

Quattrucci will be a speaker on “The Future of Labour in the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” a topic he already tackled in a recent article for the WEF, and on “New Models for Europe,” which can be followed via live streaming on January 18 at 6:30 PM.

“I feel privileged to participate in this Annual Meeting, especially as somebody who comes from a country where 40% of my peers are unemployed. Therefore I feel the responsibility to take my chance to stand for the idea of intergenerational equity, as the guiding principle and the outcome of our actions. The future cannot continue to become a burden on the young.” Quattrucci said.

After his time at JCU, Leonardo Quattrucci has earned a Master of Public Policy at Oxford University. Today Quattrucci is the youngest policy adviser at the European Political Strategy Centre, the in-house think-tank of the European Commission, where he coordinates six teams and specializes in the future of work and institutional innovation.  In 2016 he was featured in the inaugural edition of Forbes magazine’s “30 Under 30 Europe” list and received the Premio Italia Giovane. Recently, he was nominated Junior Fellow by the Aspen Institute.

The 47th Annual World Economic Forum’s Meeting convenes under the theme of Responsive and Responsible Leadership, and over half of the programme’s 400 sessions will address strategies for fostering greater social inclusion and human development.

Watch the video New Models for Europe.