Professor Federigo Argentieri Publishes Article in "La Lettura"

On Sunday, February 12, 2017, Professor Federigo Argentieri published an article in Corriere della Sera‘s weekly supplement “La Lettura.”

In the article, Prof. Argentieri examines how the close connections between the Trump administration and Russia could endanger NATO’s cohesion, especially if France, Germany and Italy were to also favor populist candidates in their forthcoming elections. The scenario already seen in Ukraine over the past three years, i.e. the so-called hybrid war, could be repeated in Latvia or Estonia, which have strong Russian minorities. Only with a great effort will NATO and the EU be able to redefine themselves and to address the daunting challenges ahead of them.

Prof. Argentieri teaches Political Science at John Cabot University and is the Director of the Guarini Institute for Public Affairs.

Read the article (in Italian).