IFE Hosts Workshop "Trasmetti il tuo Valore" with Young Women’s Network

On Tuesday February 28, the Institute for Entrepreneurship hosted the workshop “Trasmetti il tuo valore: come presentarsi in pochi secondi, nel modo migliore” (Express Your Worth: How to Present Yourself in a Few Seconds, in the Best Way). The workshop was co-organized by Young Women Network Roma.

Prof. Silvia Pulino, Director of the Institute, gave participants some advice on how to present themselves in the best way possible, and how to pitch their ideas efficiently and in a very limited amount of time. She explained how important it is to make a good first impression and to stir the curiosity of the interlocutor from the very beginning. She also spent some time discussing how to write a successful resume and how to keep an organized LinkedIn account.

Young Women’s Network

The workshop “Trasmetti il tuo valore”

She explained what elements that we can draw from when we first relate to someone. In order to communicate who and what we are, we need to identify how we want to define ourselves, not construct a perfect (and maybe false) image. We must be aware of our value, and of the benefit that we could give the other person.

“Don’t just recite your resume,” she said. “Pitching is a paradox, in the sense that it’s impromptu, but it should be rehearsed beforehand.”

Another thing that she stressed is that we should always have a clear objective in mind. “We need to know where we want to go, to have a professional project, a direction that we want to head to.” And it’s fine if that project changes along the way. But we should always head towards something, because “the world spins really fast and we need to adapt and spin with it, it’s easier if we know where we are going.”

After the presentation was over, all the women in the room took part in an exercise. They had ten minutes to come up with the most efficient way to pitch their idea, then they went around the room to present their project to as many people they could. In five minutes, each woman had spoken to 4-5 people, which meant that it only took each of them approximately 30 seconds to introduce themselves and explain their project. They all thought it was a very interesting learning experience, and after the first time they all felt more comfortable and self-confident.