Institute for Entrepreneurship Welcomes Daniele Appetito, CEO of mySpot

Daniele Appetito, CEO of mySpot

Daniele Appetito, CEO of mySpot

On Tuesday, March 14, 2017, the Institute for Entrepreneurship welcomed Daniele Appetito, CEO and co-founder of the startup MySpot, and Stefano Santarelli, CFO.  MySpot is a coworking platform, a service that seeks to help freelancers and remote workers find the best possible coworking space according to their needs. The service matches the user with appropriate providers to give them the possibility of renting spaces ranging from classic office space to libraries, hotels and cafes, for varying periods of time.

MySpot is also an example of open innovation. The idea for the startup, as Appetito explained, came from his master’s thesis. In his role as a Senior Manager at eFM, a management, IT, equipment and civil engineering company, Appetito brought the idea to his supervisors. eFM supported him in the creation of mySpot and eFM employees currently volunteer their time when working for mySpot. The startup is now co-owned by Appetito, eFM’s Founder Nicola Martinelli, and eFM itself.

The demand for coworking, or the practice of sharing a workspace with other freelancers/remote workers, has grown by 200% in recent years. However, during the same timeframe, the amount of rentable space for the purpose has only increased by 50%. As a result, demand is currently outpacing supply at a rate of 2 to 1. MySpot was designed to solve this problem and was established based on the idea that this trend will continue, as the job market becomes increasingly flexible.

To conclude the lecture, Appetito announced the features that will soon be a part of mySpot, such as a mobile app and a “best places map” for coworking areas.