Principles of Coaching: a Career Services Workshop

The Principles of Coaching workshop.

The Principles of Coaching workshop.

On Tuesday, February 28th, John Cabot University’s Center for Career Services & Continuing Education welcomed Isabelle Alpi, International Business & Executive Coach and President of EMCC Italia (European Mentoring and Coaching Council), for the seminar “Principles of Coaching.” EMCC is a nonprofit association providing best practices, standards, and guidelines in mentoring and coaching not only for coaches and mentors, but also for supervisors, training schools, managers, companies and academic institutions.

As explained by Alpi, coaching is a new discipline that is very closely connected to and inspired by the much older practice of mentoring, the building of one’s wisdom, experience, and knowledge. The very nature of coaching and mentoring consists of raising responsibility and (self-) awareness. The aim is to help people find their own unique way of using their mind and bodies to address challenges both in life and in the workplace.

As a management style, coaching can result in a change from a “blame culture” to a “responsibility culture” in the workplace. This paradigm shift is achieved by giving employees a choice in their actions, by regarding error as an opportunity for learning, and by encouraging continuous improvement and development. Since coaching is about creating a sense of responsibility and (self-) awareness in the coachee, coaches do not give advice on what to do, but instead they try to trigger understanding and self-awareness. When you are aware, and self-aware, you are able to control your environment and yourself, and not to let things control you. The coach achieves these goals through presence and active listening, as well as by asking effective questions that promote attention and observation in the coachee. Through empathy, the ability to read body language and a non-judgmental attitude, the coach creates a deep rapport and connection with the coachees, so that they feel free to express themselves.

The Center for Career Services & Continuing Education hosted this seminar because “self-awareness and responsibility are two pillars in the development of professional and career skills,” said Director of the Career Services Center, Professor Antonella Salvatore. JCU thanks Isabelle Alpi for sharing her expertise with the John Cabot University community.

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