Student Federico Giordani to Pursue M.Sc. in Financial Economics at Oxford

Federico Giordani

Federico Giordani

Federico Giordani is a graduating senior from Rome. Majoring in Economics and Finance, during his time at JCU he worked as a math tutor and was vice president of the Investment Club. Federico has been accepted to the University of Oxford for an M.Sc. in Financial Economics.

Congratulations on your acceptance to Oxford! What attracted you to this specific program?
Thank you! During my time at JCU I truly fell in love with the study of mathematics and became fascinated with its applications to financial modelling. I am very interested in the applications of artificial intelligence to asset management and algorithmic trading, with which I had a first hands-on experience in CS 202 (Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Concepts), taught by Prof. Ewing, a truly fascinating class. At this point, Oxford seemed the obvious next step, as the program is not only famous for its academic excellence but also for teaching how to apply one’s theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios.

What did the application process entail?
The application requires you to submit a statement of purpose, which gives you an opportunity to make the case of what you can contribute to the school, your CV, your GMAT or GRE. I feel the GMAT was probably the most stressful part of the process and I spent about two months last summer preparing for the test. As an advice to anyone willing to apply: do not rush the test, and plan your study sessions. The school stresses that your quantitative score falls in the 90th percentile.

What are your expectations of Oxford?
I believe the M.Sc. program in Oxford can offer both a true challenge and the great reward that comes from attending such a renowned university. I’m looking forward to testing my skills and learning new ones in such a stimulating environment.

What is your career goal?
I am interested in focusing my long-term career in entrepreneurial finance, specifically in developing asset management services powered by artificial intelligence. I believe a prior experience working in companies active in the financial industry would be valuable. For this reason, I intend to focus my first years post-master’s possibly working in the field of financial analysis in the area of capital markets for an active investment bank. I believe a hands on experience dealing with complex financial products, and an in depth understanding of the way investors and clients relate with the institution would prove to be essential for my long term entrepreneurial objective.

Is there a class that especially helped in preparing you for Oxford?
Actually, there are multiple classes that were fundamental in preparing me for the program. At the top of the list come Mathematical Statistics with Prof. Arnone, Stochastic Calculus with Prof. Valdivia, Finance with Prof. Merva, and Mathematical Economics and Financial Economics both with Prof. Ruscitti. I also owe these professors some special thanks, for their flexibility and skill in the teaching of these subjects, which truly helped me achieve my dream.

Why did you decide to apply to John Cabot?
I was intrigued by the liberal arts environment, and the dynamic atmosphere of an American university in my home country. JCU promised the flexibility and excellence in education that I was looking for in continuing my education.

Any advice for a new student starting out at JCU?
The liberal arts environment can provide students with many opportunities to explore their interests, but at the same time can prove to be a little confusing to the ones coming from a non-American background. Therefore, it is best to create a solid plan with the help of your advisor, in order not to miss out on the opportunity to take some interesting and helpful classes.