JCU Women's Soccer Team Wins Roman Universities League

The Lady Gladiators with Atheltics Coordinator Marco Iorio with the Roman Universities League trophy

The Lady Gladiators and Athletics Coordinator Marco Iorio with the Roman Universities League trophy

On Wednesday, April 26, 2017, the John Cabot University Women’s Soccer Team, the Lady Gladiators, were crowned champions of the Roman Universities League. This event marks their second victory of the championship, following the 2014/2015 one, which also was the first time an American university won the league.

The Lady Gladiators competed in the final against Università Cattolica. Thanks to the goals and assists of Tori Barton, Nicole Luvisotti, Emily Funston, and Katelynn Cunningham, they were able to beat the Cattolica team 5-1.

The Lady Gladiators are a 5v5 soccer team. Their current lineup is formed by:
– Viviana Colagrossi, Midfielder, Colombia
– Lindsey McFarlane, Foward, USA
– Maria Vittoria Albezzano, Goalkeeper, Italy
– Nicole Luvisotti, Defender, Italy
– Valeria Muzzin, Defender, Italy
– Katelynn Cunningham, Defender, USA, voted MVP for the 2016/2017 season
– Emily Funston, Forward, USA
– Rosanne Mikhaela Razon, Defender, Philippines
– Maria Martynovych, Foward, Ukraine
– Giulia Isidori, Midfielder, Italy
– Claudia Calselli, Defender, Italy
– Victoria Barton, Forward, USA

Congratulations to the Lady Gladiators from the entire JCU community!