Seven Students Awarded Certificate in Entrepreneurship

By Joanne Bergamin

The recipients of the Certificate in Entrepreneurship with Professor Pulino

The recipients of the Certificate in Entrepreneurship with Professor Pulino (left) and Joanne Bergamin (right)

On Wednesday, June 21, 2017, Professor Silvia Pulino, Director of the JCU Institute for Entrepreneurship, proudly awarded the Certificate in Entrepreneurship to seven students enrolled in her BUS 305 – Introduction to Entrepreneurship class. Congratulating the students, Professor Pulino noted how the quality of their analyses of guest speakers and understanding of the practical applications of entrepreneurial theory had risen markedly during the intensive summer session.

The Certificate is open to both degree-seeking and visiting students of all majors. Art History major Eleonora Savorelli initially struggled to see the connection between her major and entrepreneurship. At the end of the summer with two entrepreneurship courses completed, Eleonora says, “Art and business can be interwoven … Studying entrepreneurship has provided me with the knowledge and organizational skills that I will need to place my passion in a tangible, real context and reach my goals in the art field.”

Visiting Student Emily Robison summarized her experience of the Certificate program: “Entrepreneurship means a great deal to me, both on a personal and professional level. It sparks my creative side, makes me step out of my comfort zone, and helps me build the skills needed for the business world. It would be amazing to become an entrepreneur one day. But I know that if I decide to follow a different career path, my experiences in studying entrepreneurship, like this one at John Cabot University will help me be successful at anything I do in life.”