JCU Welcomes Piero Angelo Orecchioni, Owner of Studio 63

Piero Angelo Orecchioni

Piero Angelo Orecchioni

On Thursday, July 13, 2017 John Cabot University welcomed architect Piero Angelo Orecchioni to the Continuing Education course “Marketing and Digital Strategy” for a lecture on brand identity in the fashion and design industries. Piero Angelo Orecchioni is the owner of Studio 63 Architecture and Design, a Florence-based company specialized in interior design for retail venues, hospitality structures, and offices. Among his international clients are Liu Jo Uomo, Gherardini, Nomination, Miss Sixty, and Breil. Professor Antonella Salvatore, former Retail Director at Miss Sixty, regularly invites Mr. Orecchioni to meet her marketing students and share his professional experience in the business world.

Orecchioni presented the concept of brand identity and how to develop it in order to unlock a company’s full potential in the market. He explained the meaning of “concept” by stressing the importance of associating a powerful image to the brand in order to carry out a successful communication campaign. Moreover, what makes the brand identity stronger and long-lasting is the story behind the visuals. The aim is to create a specific imagery that stays with the customers in all phases of the sales process. Orecchioni focused especially on the luxury goods sector, where the unique character of a company’s identity is essential to its “up-to-dateness.” Orecchioni defined this as the ability to be “contemporary” while maintaining a close connection with the past.

To conclude, Orecchioni presented one of his last works with Marioni Furniture Company, the collection Notorious, where he drew inspiration from the Hollywood postwar atmosphere. He designed 300 furniture pieces and gave them actors’ names from Alfred Hitchcock’s movies. In this way, he was able to increase the value of the objects and make them special for customers, while creating an atmosphere around the brand identity. Orecchioni’s current narrative and project is La Récréation, an attempt to create a brand out of his personal story through self-analysis, reminiscing about significant anecdotes from his life and the emotions connected to them.