John Cabot University Open Day in Bari

Open Day - Sala Consiliare, Bari

Open Day – Sala Consiliare, Bari

John Cabot University received a special welcome on January 25th by the city of Bari, in the south of Italy, where the Mayor’s office hosted professor Michèle Favorite to speak in the beautiful Sala Consiliare to a group of high school students from all over the region of Puglia. The talk was aimed at providing an in-depth analysis of the revolutionary changes taking place in the world of work, what skills will be required in the future and how young people can prepare themselves to make the most of these changes. After an initial discussion on the impact of Artificial Intelligence across all industries, Professor Favorite discussed innovative ways of creating a resume (Curriculum Vitae). The event wrapped up with a presentation on John Cabot University. Over 60 students, parents and teachers attended the event. Among them were two senior classes from the Istituto Marco Polo in Bari. Telenorba, Puglia’s most important television network, ran a story on the event.

John Cabot is proud to partner with schools and local administrations throughout Italy in providing lectures and workshops that address the changes in the world of work and how to help young people to be ready for these changes. John Cabot is an Alternanza Scuola Lavoro partner, the mandatory program for all Italian high schools that aims at preparing students for the world of work. John Cabot University works with 15 high schools all over Italy and over 1300 students in Rome alone.