JCU President Franco Pavoncello Discusses Italian Elections in International Press

President Franco Pavoncello was recently interviewed by the Media ProjectFinancial Times, USA Today, the Washington Times, the Arab Weekly, the Washington Post, Fox News, and the Associated Press on Italy’s national elections, which took place on Sunday, March 4th.

President Franco Pavoncello

President Franco Pavoncello

The Media Project article characterizes the vote as a break from social Catholic teaching. The Financial Times notes that Italian voters delivered a blow to the establishment. The USA Today article discusses the impact that election results could have on the fate of the European Union and its economy. The Washington Times article talks about the rise and fall of former Italian prime minister and current secretary of the Partito Democratico (Democratic Party), Matteo Renzi. The Arab Weekly article focuses on immigration as a key factor in the elections. The Washington Post describes the election as one of the most uncertain in years and one that could determine if Italy will succumb to the populist, euroskeptic and far-right sentiment that has swept through Europe. According to Fox News, mass migration is a top issue, and the end result of the election could be a stalemate.

A leading analyst of Italian politics, Dr. Pavoncello’s work has appeared in, among others, the American Political Science Review, the British Journal of Political Science, Asian Studies, and World Affairs. He is also a well-known media commentator on Italian affairs, a contributor to major international newspapers such as the New York Times and the International Herald Tribune, and he appears regularly on radio and television networks including CNN, BBC, Reuters Press and TV, and many other media organizations.

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