Professor Vanda Wilcox Edits Italy in the Era of the Great War

Professor Vanda Wilcox

Professor Vanda Wilcox

Professor Vanda Wilcox has published a new edited collection of 18 essays entitled Italy in the Era of the Great War (Brill, 2018). The book brings together a group of Italian and international scholars to analyze the political, military, social and cultural history of Italy in the country’s decade of conflict from 1911 to 1922.

Starting with the invasion of Libya in 1911 and concluding with the rise of post-war social and political unrest in the early 1920s, the volume traces domestic and foreign policy, the economics of the war effort, the history of military innovation, and social changes including the war’s impact on religion and women, along with major cultural and artistic developments of the period. Each chapter provides a concise and effective overview of the field as it currently stands as well as introducing readers to the latest research.

Dr. Wilcox earned her D.Phil. at Oxford University.  Her research interests focus on the military, cultural and social history of the First World War in Italy, as well as the memory and commemoration of the two World Wars. Her publications include Morale and the Italian Army During the First World War (Cambridge University Press, 2016).  At John Cabot she teaches courses in European and Italian history.