Prof. Alina Sorgner: Data-Analytic Thinking is the 21st Century Skill

21st Century Skills and Future Jobs roundtable

21st Century Skills and Future Jobs roundtable

As the world of work gets increasingly digitized, humans need to acquire new skills in order to remain competitive and to maintain high standards of individual well-being. Data-analytic thinking is one such skill that will face high demand in the future and already does so today. The ability to think data-analytically enables individuals to gain insights from massive amounts of data to better understand various business problems and make data-driven decisions. Understanding data as an asset is, thus, crucial for future decision-makers.

JCU Professor for Applied Data Analytics Alina Sorgner was invited to discuss these and related topics at a round table that recently took place in Moscow, Russia, and was jointly organized by the German Embassy in Moscow, German Center for Research and Innovation (DWIH) and National Research University Higher School of Economics. The round table was dedicated to the topic of “Innovative Jobs of the Future”, and the discussion revolved around the question of which skills will be in demand in the future, among others. In addition, professor Sorgner was invited to be a guest editor of a Special Issue dedicated to the “21st Century Skills and Future Jobs” that will be published in Foresight & STI Governance later this year.

In Spring 2019, Professor Alina Sorgner offers a new course “Applied Data Analytics” that deals with applications of data science in different fields, such as business, economics, and marketing.