From Rio de Janeiro to Rome: Student Isabela Nepomuceno de Oliveira

Isabela Nepomuceno de Oliveira, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is a double major in Economics and Finance and Marketing. Isabela is the former vice president and secretary of Student Government. She also serves as vice president of STAND, chair of the Student Activities Board and works as an Orientation Team Leader.

Isabela Nepomuceno de Oliveira

Isabela Nepomuceno de Oliveira

What brought you to JCU?
When I was in high school, JCU came to my American school in Rio de Janeiro for the college fair. I immediately got drawn to the idea of living in Rome and studying at an American university, so I decided to apply. From a young age, it was my dream to live in Rome. In 2013 I was finally able to come visit with my grandmother, and I fell in love with the people, the food, and the history.

Which professors at JCU have made an impact on you and why?
One of the very first professors I had at JCU was Professor Matilde Galante. She challenged me to speak Italian and learn the grammar. Professor Stefano Iannone made me fall in love with mathematics even more, and Professor Adrian Stoian introduced me to the world of data and its analysis, which I have grown so fond of. Professor Alina Sorgner taught me the importance of being a female in the research and quantitative fields by setting such a high example. My advisor, Professor Alessandro Signorini, pushed me to follow my interests in Non-Profit Marketing and NGOs. Last but certainly not least, Professor Tom Bailey taught me how ethical practices are essential in the business world, and he inspired me to pursue a meaningful life by understanding my values.

What made you decide to double major in Economics/Finance and Marketing?
I started as an Economics and Finance major, and after my second semester, I realized I wanted to challenge myself. I believe marketing is an excellent skill to have, and it complements the financial world really well. Understanding the consumer’s behavior is as important as balancing the checkbook.

Tell us about your experience as a VP of Student Government. How important is it for students to get involved in extracurricular activities?
I am passionate about the clubs and activities offered here at JCU. For the past three years at John Cabot, I have always been involved in extracurriculars. Being part of these activities has given me a sense of responsibility since I am representing such a diverse community. While working together we can complement each other when organizing activities, or even when volunteering with marginalized communities.

What’s your advice to other students who are considering JCU?
Get involved. This way you can experience JCU at its fullest. Meet people, students, staff and faculty, while getting to know Rome. You will grow as an individual, but also develop a sense of belonging.