Organizational Resilience: JCU Welcomes Alumnus Jacopo Capparelli of Panta Ray

John Cabot University welcomed Alumnus Jacopo Capparelli in the context of Professor Ieva Jakobsone Bellomi’s MGT 310 Organizational Behavior class on October 9, 2019. Jacopo Capparelli is Associate Consultant at Panta Ray, a Milan-based training and management consulting firm specialized in the disciplines of organizational resilience, from business continuity to crisis management and enterprise risk management. Panta Ray is one of over 600 organizations in the JCU Center for Career Services network.

Jacopo Capparelli of Panta Ray

Alumnus Jacopo Capparelli of Panta Ray

Capparelli’s presentation focused on the concept of organizational resilience, the ability to anticipate, respond and adapt to incremental change and sudden disruptions in order to survive and prosper in a business environment. Today’s management environment requires the ability to build the business resilience concepts across the organization, while taking into account political, legal, socio-economic, as well as cultural dynamics of the globalized world. Companies that do not pay enough attention to the resilience and risk management planning across the board, or that do not align their vision with the ones of employees and key stakeholders, are at the risk of failing or damaging their brand.

Throughout the semester students will be working on developing an organizational resilience awareness campaign for Panta Ray’s clients under the guidance of Capparelli and of Professor Jakobsone. Students will apply the principles taught in class, like job satisfaction and involvement, as well as motivation, communication, organizational structure, HR and organizational change management. This project is part of the Learn-Do-Share program, an initiative of the JCU Institute for Entrepreneurship.

The companies that students are required to research and develop campaigns for represent a wide variety of businesses, from retail (Esselunga, one of Italy’s largest retail chains) to Banca d’Italia (Bank of Italy). Students choose their research companies based on personal and professional interests. At the end of the semester, they will pitch their awareness campaigns and discuss them with Panta Ray’s CEO. The winners will be featured on the company’s social media and will be given an opportunity to build their professional brand.