Ten JCU Alumni Attend Second Fall 2019 Career Fair as Company Representatives

John Cabot University’s third Career Fair of the year took place on Friday, November 8. Ten out of the forty company representatives who attended the event were JCU alumni. Most of them obtained their positions by applying through the JCU Center for Career Services and Continuing Education.

Career Fair, November 8, 2019

Career Fair, November 8, 2019

Company representatives came from sectors such as NGOs, consulting, law, fashion, journalism, education, tourism, human resources, and hospitality, and held an average of 180 job interviews.

“This is a virtuous cycle that we have implemented: alumni who come back to their Alma Mater to offer internships and jobs,” said Professor Antonella Salvatore, Director of the Center for Career Services and Continuing Education.

The JCU Center for Career Services organizes three career fairs per year. Career Fairs give JCU students and alumni the opportunity to have multiple job interviews in one day.

Valeryia Barybina (class of 2019), an International Affairs graduate with a minor in Marketing, interviewed candidates with her colleague Federico Giordani, 2017 Economics and Finance graduate. They represented Qi4M, a company that researches the fields of financial economics and artificial intelligence. Silvia De Angeli, Communications graduate (class of 2019), conducted interviews with her colleagues from the consulting company Bignami Associati.

Three graduates of the Continuing Education program in Human Resources attended as company representatives. Paola Di Manno, class of 2014, is now HR recruiter for Re/Max, an international real estate company. Marco Montagna, 2016 graduate, works as HR generalist at the Italian daily sports newspaper Corriere dello Sport. Fabio Montebruno, class of 2018, is an HR consultant at Elidea Psicologi Associati.

“This was my first time sitting on the interviewer’s side of the desk. When I was a student, I used to attend Career Fair to expand my network and to let company representatives know about me,” said Montagna. “This time, it was up to all the young women and men I met to show me who they were. In each of them, I could see myself at the beginning of my career path. This made me realize how far I’ve come.”

Four other company representatives were former students of the Continuing Education program in Business Finance. Antonio Negro and Andrea Iannone, class of 2017, are consultants and researchers at Vision & Value, and Alessio Toccarelli works as a real estate investment advisor at Studi Strategici Delli Santi. Current student Vito Elmo, who will complete the Continuing Education program in December 2019, is sales and marketing representative for YourCFO Academy, a company providing education services in the fields of business and finance.

“Finding myself on the recruiter’s side, just one year after completing the Continuing Education program, was both odd and satisfying,” said Iannone. “It was odd because, one year ago, I would have never expected it to happen. It was satisfying because I actually reached this goal, together with my ex-classmate, friend and colleague Antonio Negro.

The opportunity to meet so many determined young professionals was highly motivational for the former students who attended the event as recruiters because it made them more aware of their professional growth and potential. At the same time, their presence was a testament to the successful transition from student to professional life.