The Alumni Factor: Why Giving Back Matters

John Cabot University has helped me in many ways to grow as a person. Therefore, it is only right for me to play a part, even if minute, in the growth of another person.
                                                                                                                                                       Christine Kobusingye, Class of 2019

There are many reasons why Alumni should consider making a gift to John Cabot University: to show appreciation for the education that JCU has provided them; to give others a chance to have a similar experience; to stay connected to the JCU community. At many universities, Alumni Giving starts even before graduation day. It may begin as a request for a Senior Gift, or as a gathering to inform  each senior about the importance of alumni giving to the school.



Giving Back Helps Your Own Reputation
“Alumni should consider their diplomas like a share of stock in a company,” says Hank Coleman, publisher of the finance blog Money Q&A, highlighting that alumni have a personal interest in ensuring that their University’s prestige grows. Donations, regardless of the size, play an essential role in maintaining the value of your own degrees.

Tuition Doesn’t Cover It
Tuition only pays for a portion of your educational experience. Donations help JCU to create more scholarships, establish new academic programs, renovate classrooms and facilities, and enhance student services.

Leave Your Legacy
Over the past several decades, the cost of earning a college diploma has increased dramatically, and students struggle to find the funds to cover expenses. Scholarships ensure that these students can manage costs while getting an excellent education. When you donate to your alma mater, you’re investing in the students and providing a legacy for future generations.

Are You Giving Back to JCU?
Many of the benefits you received from John Cabot University are intangible, and the things you give back aren’t always easy to measure, but one thing is clear: universities in the United States rely heavily on donations from their community of alumni and friends. John Cabot University is no different. We look to Trustees, alumni, parents, and friends of JCU to help bridge the gap between tuition revenue and the cost of quality education.

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