Prof. Federigo Argentieri Contributes to Publication on Contemporary European History

JCU Professor Federigo Argentieri contributed to Calendario civile europeo, a new publication by Donzelli Editore co-authored by 40 scholars, and edited by philosopher Angelo Bolaffi and historian Guido Crainz.

Calendario Civile Europeo

Cover of Calendario Civile Europeo

The book describes and analyzes 40 dates in European history that determined the Old Continent’s fate in the past century, “from Sarajevo to Brexit.”

The book begins with World War I and ends with the 2017 Catalan independence referendum. Each chapter deals with a different topic, indicating a symbolic date.

Professor Argentieri covered the Hungarian, Polish and Suez crises and their impact on the Soviet bloc, France and the United Kingdom in the chapter on October 23, 1956.

The editors believe that in order to have a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of Europe’s situation it is necessary to consider its turning points.

Professor Federigo Argentieri is the Director of the Guarini Institute for Public Affairs. He has widely published on the contemporary history and politics of Central-Eastern Europe and Italy, particularly on the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 and its Western echoes and effects, as well as on Ukraine. He regularly contributes to Italy’s newspaper Corriere della Sera and to other Italian and international media. In Spring 2020, Professor Argentieri will teach PL 250 Western European Politics and PL 340 Politics of Developing Countries.