Guarini Institute Discussion on the Politics of Fighting COVID-19 

John Cabot University’s Guarini Institute for Public Affairs organized an online discussion called The US, China and the World Health Organization: Politics of Fighting COVID-19 on May 26, 2020. The talk, moderated by Guarini Institute Advisor and former US Diplomat Eric Terzuolo, focused on the political dynamics of the management of the coronavirus outbreak by the US, China and the World Health Organization.  

The speakers were Professor Lyal S. Sunga (lecturer in Political Science at JCU), Maria Adele Carrai (fellow at the Harvard University Asia Center), Lucio Martino (Guarini Institute Advisor and former Research Director at Centro Militare di Studi Strategici), Viviana Mazza (Guarini Institute Advisor and Foreign Desk journalist at Corriere della Sera), and Gianni Vernetti (former Italian Senator, Undersecretary of State for Foreign Affairs and columnist at La Stampa). 

Watch a recording of the full discussion.