JCU Continuing Education Students Create Marketing Strategy for ECOX 4D 

One of the most recent achievements of JCU’s Continuing Education students was the proposal of a marketing strategy for the expansion of ECOX 4D, a Spanish company that offers 4D and 5D ultrasounds. Known as  “emotional ultrasounds,” they use advanced technology to allow parents to see a high resolution, realistic view of their baby before birth.

The students involved in this project are part of three Continuing Education programs: Export, Made in Italy and International Markets; Management and Innovation; Marketing, and Digital Communication.

JCU Continuing Education Students

The project was carried out in the context of the “International Marketing” course, taught by franchising expert Andrea Ciancarelli, CEO and Executive Director at ReStore, a business that focuses on the development of startups and franchises. restore. During the course, students broadened their knowledge of franchising business strategy and did a final project based on the real case of ECOX 4D, which needed a marketing strategy to expand on its market. Prof. Ciancarelli put together all the ideas and feedback provided by his students and created a unified strategy that he then proposed to the ECOX 4D company.

“The difficulty of this case study lay in its anomaly. It is not at all easy to introduce people to a service they do not know exists. The participants faced the challenge, thought outside the box, and presented ECOX 4D with an innovative strategy that the company has welcomed with great interest and enthusiasm,” said  Ciancarelli.

The study followed three main steps. First of all, students identified the specific target of the company. This is a fundamental step in order to develop the right online and offline strategies, which should be unified and comprehensive. Then, they decided where in Italy the company should open its first centers, and finally, they focused  communication and investments in specific areas and cities. The main aim and challenge are to spread the knowledge of 4D and 5D ultrasound, which is not yet well established in Italy.

Professor Antonella Salvatore, Director of the JCU Center for Career Services and Continuing Education, said,  “Thanks to this project, students put into practice the theories they learned in class, working on the actual case of a company that needed a franchising strategy.”

John Cabot University’s Continuing Education programs aim at providing students with the practical skills required by the job market. For this reason, most of the professors are professionals and experts who willingly share their work experiences with their students.