Professor Francesco Ruscitti on Representation and Construction of Equitable Social Welfare Orders

Professor Francesco Ruscitti’s research paper “On the representation and construction of equitable social welfare orders” (with G. Laguzzi and R.S. Dubey), has been accepted for publication in Mathematical Social Sciences, an international peer-reviewed journal.

John Cabot University Professor Francesco Ruscitti

John Cabot University Professor Francesco Ruscitti

Says Professor Ruscitti, “Imagine a decision-maker (e.g., a policy-maker) who wants to perform a pairwise ranking and comparison of alternative policies that may affect the welfare of generations in the far-off future. Examples of such policies are fiscal policies, issues related to climate, environmental preservation, and sustainable development. Suppose the decision-maker wants to do so relying on a criterion (e.g., preferences) that satisfies simultaneously both “efficiency” and “equity” properties. My co-authors and I show that such a criterion cannot be operationalized, in the following sense: it can neither be described explicitly nor can it be represented numerically.”

Professor Ruscitti, who joined JCU in 2011,  earned his Ph.D. in Economics from Purdue University (USA) in 2007.
His teaching interests are in Microeconomics, Mathematical Economics, Economics of Information, Financial Economics and Game Theory. His research interests are in Microeconomics and Economic Theory. In sum, his past and current research involves the use of mathematical methods and models for the analysis of market economies in a general equilibrium setting. He has co-authored articles published in international peer-reviewed journals such as Economics Letters, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Economics Bulletin, Journal of Economics, Applied Mathematics, and Economic Theory Bulletin.

In Fall 2020, Professor Ruscitti will be teaching EC 201 Principles of Microeconomics, EC 301 Intermediate Microeconomics, and EC 327 Game Theory.