Scuola di Servizio Civico Inaugurated at John Cabot University

Rome’s Scuola di Servizio Civico (School of Civil Service) inaugurated its first academic year on September 23, 2020 with a press conference held at John Cabot University’s Tiber Campus. Founded in 2019 by politician and former mayor of Rome Francesco Rutelli, the school’s mission is to educate future public administrators of the city through an interdisciplinary approach.

From left: Professor Antonella Salvatore, JCU President Franco Pavoncello, and Francesco Rutelli

From left: Professor Antonella Salvatore, JCU President Franco Pavoncello, and Francesco Rutelli

The Scuola di Servizio Civico partners with four universities in Rome: John Cabot University, La Sapienza University, Roma Tre University, and Università Telematica degli Studi (IUL), which have offered their support and made facilities and faculty available to the school. Four JCU professors will be part of the faculty: Andrea Lanzone, Professor of History and Assistant Dean of Student Academic Affairs; Isabella Clough Marinaro, Professor of Italian Studies; Gina Siddu Pilia, Lecturer in Italian; Silvia Scarpa, Professor of Political Science. Professor Antonella Salvatore, Director of JCU’s Center for Career Services and Continuing Education, is the school’s academic coordinator.

“We believe that shaping the future public administrators of the city is a very important task. This is the least that John Cabot University can do to give back to the city that has hosted us for almost 50 years, and that we love so deeply,” said JCU’s President Franco Pavoncello.

Following President Pavoncello’s introductory remarks, Rutelli, who is also the school’s President, Claudio Rosi, general secretary, and Professor Salvatore illustrated the school’s aims, guidelines, prospects and structure. The program will provide insight into 10 different areas of government, such as digitization and innovation, urban ecology and sustainability, and soft skills development.

“The pandemic forced us to change our perspective and start all over again,” said Rutelli. Classes, most of which will be held online, will be followed by activities such as legal clinics and onsite visits to specific areas of Rome. Guest lecturers will include jurist Sabino Cassese, architect and engineer Carlo Ratti, former Italian Minister of Justice Paola Severino, and musician and TV personality Renzo Arbore. Following numerous applications, sixty candidates, including university students, graduates, and young professionals, were selected to attend the school.

“As a former mayor of Rome, I want to help young people who are motivated to serve the city, and who want to acquire the tools necessary to do so,” said Rutelli.

Orientation will take place on September 25 at 11am, in the Aula Magna of La Sapienza University’s Architecture Department, where Rutelli will give his opening talk on “Changes for planning, management and urban organization after the pandemic.” The first class will be held on the same day at 2:30pm.

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