John Cabot University Celebrates 2021 Student Award Winners

John Cabot University’s annual Student Award Ceremony took place virtually on April 14, 2021. The awards honor graduating seniors for their academic and service excellence, acknowledging their exceptional contributions to the JCU community over the course of their student career. After introductory remarks by JCU President Franco Pavoncello and Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs Mary Merva, the award recipients were presented by faculty and staff members.

Critelli facade

Caroline Critelli Guarini campus facade

“In this unique and terribly demanding year, we are celebrating the resilience, dedication, and intellectual fortitude not only of our students, whose champions are here with us today, but also of our faculty and staff, whose courage and perseverance have kept this university open, dynamic, and safe, thus writing one of the most impressive pages of our history,” said President Pavoncello.

Congratulations to all!

Academic Awards

The Academic Excellence Awards are awarded to graduating students who have attained a high level of academic excellence in and made a significant contribution to, the field of the award.

Art History (The Lloyd Dodd Award): Lea Ramaswamy and Elena Schembri

Business Administration (The Luciano Battelli Award): Enrico Barchiesi

Anthony James Casling ENLUS Award: Andrea Cincotti and Elena Papotto

Classical Studies: Magda Benichou and Emily Scalf

Communications and Media Studies: Caterina Fassina and Chiedza Mashonganyika

Creative Writing: Meri Hovsepyan and Lea Ramaswamy

Economics: Jean Obeid

English Literature: Giorgia Rifaldi

Finance and Accounting: Valentina Jin and Aristide Verrelli

History (The Brian Williams Award): Demetrio Iannone

Humanistic Studies: Francesca Dalmazzo

International Affairs: Giacomo Di Capua and Janet Kimani

International Business: Sofia De Gaetano

Legal Studies: Michela Ciulli              

Marketing: Norma Ambrosio

Mathematics: Marco Barone and Jean Obeid

Media Production: Emily R. Cegielski, Lavinia Giardina, Arianna Manfredi, and Martina Petrucci

Philosophy: Hailey Foster

Political Science: Hailey Foster

Psychology: Francesca Dalmazzo

Studio Art: Eleonora Scaiola

The Albert Walker Fuller Prize for Op/Ed Articles: Lea Ramaswamy “How Your Next Takeout Can Be An Act of Protest”

The Albert Walker Fuller Prize for Op/Ed Articles, Honorable Mention: Andrea Cincotti “Letter to a Familiar Stranger”

Service Awards

Presidential Award for Outstanding Service to John Cabot University: Enrico Barchiesi and Giacomo Di Capua

Alessandro Mioni Student Award: Precious Adeola Ogunyemi

Student Leadership Award: Giacomo Di Capua

Service to the John Cabot University Community Award: Megan Dhlamini

Community Service Award: Milena Di Nenno and Vittoria Maione

Student Professional Award: Camilla Alessi

Sports Award: Flaminia Giacomi