John Cabot University Presents the Spring 2021 Student Art Show

Spring 2021 Student Art Show

Spring 2021 Student Art Show

John Cabot University’s Department of Art History  is proud to announce the “Spring 2021 Student Art Show” on May 5, 6, and 7, from 10 AM until 5 PM. The event, sponsored by The President’s Office and Student Services, will take place in the Fiorentini Art Studio (Largo dei Fiorentini 1).

“We are celebrating the creative process across the disciplines, Drawing, Graphic Design, Painting, Photography, and Sculpture. Digital and handcrafted processes convey the depth of artistic agency and commitment shown by over 100 participating JCU students,” said Professor James Gardner, Coordinator of Studio Art at John Cabot University.

“Art teaches us to see the world with the eyes of eternity. It is a process of growth which enriches us all, and is especially beneficial for young women and men in forming their character and sensibility. Studio Art is a fundamental aspect of Liberal Arts education at John Cabot University, and the beauty and elegance of our students’ creations is an inspiration and an enrichment for our entire community,” said JCU President Franco Pavoncello.

According to student Anastasiia Lazareva, “the rich variety of work within the exhibition represent the dynamic contributions from many students within the JCU community. Through effort, collaboration and reflection, an impressive exhibition has been created. The sense of community always remains in the studio and has been one of the most effective supporting factors during the semester.” “Everything that you can see at the Art show is more than just pieces of art; behind each piece lie hours of work, trials, failures, discussions, and creativity. The exhibition is both a clear representation of the student’s development and the result of the teamwork and shared passion for Art and Design at John Cabot University,” she added.

Student Hana Lotfy said that “the end of the spring semester is the culmination of a unique and unexpected year for students and faculty at John Cabot. The studio art exhibition is not only a reflection of working hard in the face of uncertainty but the ability and importance of finding beauty, creativity, and inspiration. The art studio is a place where exploration is without limits, and the students have made artwork that demonstrates the importance of creation.”