IFE Announces Winners of "Triggering Change" Competition

On April 22, the JCU Institute for Entrepreneurship announced the winners of the Triggering Change competition. Triggering Change is a two-tiered event that culminated in a two-minute video where participants pitched their ideas, proposing a solution to a specific environmental problem. The aim of the competition was to use creativity and engagement to spark action on environmental sustainability.

Institute for Entrepreneurship

Institute for Entrepreneurship

The winners were Riccardo Pagliara and Sophia Caruso, with their pitch “Botany Class – A Pitch for Roman Elementary School Presidents,” Lia Piazza, with “Deforestation,” and Martina Laici and Tommaso Sopranzetti, with “Conserve Water, Conserve Life.”

To prepare the participants for the competition, the Institute for Entrepreneurship in collaboration with the London-based creative agency The Liminal Space, organized a 90-minute online talk and workshop.

Martina and Tommaso’s “Conserve Water, Conserve Life” pitch proposed the creation of rubber bracelets to be placed on faucets so as to remind people not to waste water. “We would like to implement our idea because it would be a great opportunity to improve JCU’s sense of community and to remind students that we can all contribute. JCU could help us produce the bracelets and create an appropriate and appealing design for them,” said Martina.

Riccardo and Sophia’s idea for “Botany Class – A Pitch for Roman Elementary School Presidents,” advocated for the introduction of environmental sustainability classes in primary schools. “We both share the same beliefs regarding children’s environmental education and how, if well implemented, it can really be the starting point to trigger change in this world,” said Sophia.

American study abroad student Lia Piazza focused on the dangers of deforestation. “The biggest thing I’ve been trying to do is educate the people around me about the effects of deforestation. I think JCU should go paperless as much as possible, in every department. I also think it would be beneficial to work with organizations around Rome to plant more trees.” said Lia.

The selection committee was composed of Professor Tanja Lanza, entrepreneur and senior strategy consultant at the European Institute of innovation for Sustainability, Professor Michèle Favorite, who is a consultant on environmental sustainability content strategy, alumna Asia Guerreschi (Class of 2016), who founded “Rethinking Climate” in 2020 and is currently a Ph.D. Candidate for Sustainability and Wellbeing, and alumnus Giacomo di Capua (Class of 2021) who is a postgraduate researcher in Climate Health Economics and an environmental advocate. Both alumni were very active in environmental matters during their JCU days and are keeping up their commitment after graduation.

Congratulations to all the winners!