MedinAction, Software Co-created by JCU Doctor Andrea Guerriero, Wins Award

MedinAction, an Italian medical service that delivers a qualified English-speaking doctor to patients in need, has won a European Award in Medicine in the Medical Software category.

Dr. Andrea Guerriero

Dr. Andrea Guerriero

In 2012, Dr. Andrea Guerriero, who has been JCU’s medical advisor since 2014, observed that people traveling to Italy didn’t know how to navigate the Italian healthcare system.  He asked himself what he could do to reach and support people in Italy for work, study, or vacation who need medical attention, and how he could connect them with a doctor who speaks the same language in the fastest and easiest way possible. He and his brother Gianluigi Guerriero, together with Diego Falanga, Antonio Amendola, and Cristian Parrotta founded MedinAction, a service that provides on-demand English-speaking doctors for house calls and online consultations.

MedinAction collaborates with a variety of local physicians, including GPs, specialists, and mental health professionals. If hospitalization or additional examinations are required (lab tests, X-Rays, MRIs, CT scans, Ultrasounds, Fit to Fly Certificates, etc.) MedinAction’s reliable network of trusted clinics and hospitals can assist with all medical needs in a timely manner.

Guerriero, a physician who graduated from the University of Rome “La Sapienza,” took an entrepreneurship workshop called “InnavactionLab,” where he learned how to create a team, communicate, collect feedback, and the importance of asking questions to improve his services.

Through MedinAction’s app or website, patients can book a licensed physician and see their doctor on the same day. Patients can also communicate with doctors via live chat or video calls in both English and Italian. Today, hundreds of doctors are working in MedinAction.

Guerriero said “Ten years ago, I could never have imagined winning this award. I see my role as a doctor as a vocation and I am deeply devoted to my patients. I am so grateful for everyone on my amazing team who inspires me with enthusiasm, expertise, and generosity.”

“I always remind myself that, as an individual doctor, I can help only 10 or 20 patients a day. But as a doctor-entrepreneur I can help hundreds, even thousands of people a day!”  concluded Guerriero.

Congratulations to Dr. Guerriero from the entire JCU community!