JCU Center for Career Services Announces First Career Fair of 2023

Career Fair

Career Fair

The JCU Center for Career Services will hold the first Career Fair of the year on March 31, 2023. Career Fairs serve as an opportunity for students and alumni to start thinking about their future careers, practice their interviewing skills, and gain valuable work experience.

The upcoming Career Fair will see the participation of 47 candidates, consisting of students, expected graduates, and graduates. JCU will host 18 companies, with 35 company representatives, eight of which are JCU alumni and graduates of the Continuing Education programs. Some of the companies that will participate include the International Development Law Organization (IDLO), KPMG, Dorchester Collection, Octo Telematics, Remax, Caffeina Digital Agency, and Randstad.

The attending companies will provide candidates with 49 vacancies. The positions offered are both full-time and part-time, and cover various fields, such as: digital marketing, social and content management, accounting, business development, marketing analysis, human resource management, tourism, hospitality, sales, and financial analysis.

Recently, the JCU Center for Career Services shared its 2022 employment stats with the Italian media. As reported in the main national newspapers and magazines, 43% of applicants found employment in the digital and innovation field. The education, writing, and translation fields followed with 14% of applicants. 12% joined the human resources and management field, and another 12% the marketing and sales industry. Finally, 11% of applicants entered the activism and research field, and 8% the accounting and finance sector.

In 2022, 86% of applicants obtained a job following a Career Fair, or after applying through the Center for Career Services.