IFE Announces Spring 2023 Elevator Pitch Competition Winners

The Institute for Entrepreneurship recently hosted the Spring 2023 Elevator Pitch Competition finals online. The videos of the finalists, previously selected by an academic jury, were posted on Facebook and submitted to the popular vote, generating thousands of engagements in the extended JCU community.

JCU's Elevator Pitch Competition goes online

JCU’s Elevator Pitch Competition goes online

An Elevator Pitch is a quick way of communicating the fundamental elements of a project, a business idea, a social cause, or even one’s professional qualifications and capturing the other person’s attention to prompt him/her to action. In the JCU format, students have one minute to advance their idea as convincingly as possible. Nearly 150 students from all majors participated, honing their public speaking skills. The unique creativity, sense of humor, and engaging presentation style have truly set the pitches selected apart from the rest.

Each of the winners will receive a €100 Amazon voucher. This semester, the winners in each category were:

  • Social Innovation/Advocacy: Davide Ebraheem, delivered a convincing argument for regulation of the fast fashion industry.
  • Business idea: Carolina Granaci, with an idea for a digital health wallet with multiple functions to assist personal healthcare management.
  • Personal pitch: Luisa Perozeni, whose professionalism and clear exposure of how her skills match the position sought are likely to give her an edge in any interview.

Special Mention goes to:

  • Business Idea: Mary Curran, with an idea for pet paw protection.
  • Social Innovation: Juju Ferreira, who argues for blood donation.
  • Social Innovation: Taylor Finlay, who creatively argues for water conservation.

Watch the winning pitches.