Creating a New Home: Communications Student Kyra Leigh Hymons

Born in Virginia and raised in Maryland, student Kyra Leigh Hymons is a senior at JCU. Kyra Leigh is majoring in Communications with a minor in International Affairs. In Spring 2023, she interned at the JCU Web Communications Office. 

Kyra Leigh Hymons

Kyra Leigh Hymons

What brought you to JCU?
I came across JCU by accident. I was supposed to go to The New School in NYC, but they went online because of Covid. I thought about taking a semester off, but then I got emails about JCU and learned that classes were in person, so I applied, got in, and flew to Rome all in the span of a few months. I had studied abroad before in Europe, so I was excited about the opportunity to live in Italy. I met great people in my first year and decided to stay.

What made you want to pursue a B.A. in Communications and combine it with a minor in International Affairs?
When I started at JCU I was an International Affairs major and so the first semester I took classes that met the requirements. Then in the spring of my freshman year, I took Introduction to Visual Culture with Professor Marco Palmieri, and I loved the class and his teaching style so much that I switched to Communications as my major. I decided to keep International Affairs as a minor because I thought it worked well with Communications.

What JCU class and/or professor impacted you the most and why?
A professor who really impacted me was Andrea Rossi. I had him for English Composition and Advanced Composition during my freshman year and he shaped me into the writer I am today. I enjoyed going to his class, he made the lessons very fun and engaging. What I really loved about his teachings was that you could tell he was passionate and really wanted people to learn.

Why did you decide to do a for-credit internship?
I was recommended by one of my professors to intern at the Web Communications Office, so I applied and was accepted. It is important to get work experience, especially in the communications field because it is very broad, so I am glad I had this opportunity. I think it was a great learning experience.

What are your plans for the future?
I have one semester left here at JCU so I will be completing my courses and applying for a master’s program in Europe. I might get work experience before going straight into a program, but I am still deciding.

What advice would you give to students looking to study abroad? 
For anyone thinking of studying abroad, I say do it. I think sometimes in the U.S. students are not shown the study abroad opportunities that are available to them. I had no idea that I would be spending all my undergrad abroad, but I am so happy I did. I even had the opportunity to study abroad in Paris for a semester through JCU and it was amazing. Do lots of research and be open to new cultures and experiences. It is normal to feel anxious and uncomfortable at first, but with time it will pass, and you will create a new home.